Latest Report Hits Key Feed Markets

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September 17th, 2019
As dairy owners, you want your feed to be the highest quality. If Penny-Newman told you that your corn, canola, or cottonseed was only 80% pure, we wouldn’t sell a pound.
So just like you won’t feed your cows low-grade products, you shouldn’t feed your soil low-grade amendments.
As harvest wraps up for almonds, pistachios, tomatoes, alfalfa and corn silage, many farmers are turning to gypsum to help boost next crop’s yield. But not all gypsum is created equal.
The Western Fertilizer Handbook suggests reviewing the the purity before applying any to your fields. For example, if gypsum is 70% pure, it would take 1.35 tons to pack the same punch of a single ton of 95% pure gypsum.
Penny-Newman has become a wholesale distributor of gypsum in the Central Valley in the past few years. We invested in a mine in Utah that produces 95% pure gypsum (anything over 92% is considered high-grade) as well as grown our storage capacity in the Central Valley.
Utah 95, as we call it, is a high-grade gypsum at a competitive price. That’s because we’re the wholesaler. Most gypsums pass through several middle-men before being sold to growers. We’d like to sell it to you directly.
The benefits of applying Utah 95 to your soil include:

  • Leaches harmful salts and impurities
  • Enhances soil structure
  • Reduces layers of compaction
  • Increases water penetration
  • Increases the amount of water available to the plant
  • Provides pockets in the soil to allow for deeper root growth
  • Provides an organic source of calcium, creating a stronger and healthier plant
  • Will not affect pH of the soil

Beyond making sure you are applying pure gypsum, to ensure you gain these benefits, there is another factor growers should check.
There are Anhydrite, Dihydrite and a combination of the two available on the market. Research shows Dihydrite is the most effective because it’s more water soluble, allowing more nutrient uptake in the plant.
Penny-Newman’s Utah 95 is 99.999% Dihydrite. Once applied, it breaks down quickly and starts improving your soil after one irrigation or a good rainfall.
Like any commodity, we only have so much Utah 95. If you’re interested in getting prices or locking up some tons, give your salesman a call.
Thank you,
Paul Quinn